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Help women get into work

We recognise that every employer will have a different capacity to offer support; as such we welcome an opportunity to discuss what companies can provide and explore how this fits with your existing policies or to develop new/sustainable offers.

Why We Need Your Support

1 in 4 women in the UK will experience Domestic Abuse and on average 2 women every week will be killed due by domestic abuse. The short and long-term effects of economic abuse can be devastating. It is a form of controlling coercive behaviour and a common tactic used to gain power and control in a relationship.

In the short-term, access to employment is imperative to staying safe. With realistic fears of homelessness, violence and debt, it is little wonder that victims sometimes return to an abusive partner. For those who manage to escape the abuse and survive, initially, they often face overwhelming odds in obtaining long-term security and safety, have poor credit scores, sporadic employment histories, and legal issues caused by the abuse.

Economic independence is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse and rebuilding their lives. Your support, whether through offering employment opportunities and mentorships or fundraising at the workplace, can help women get the independence, safety, and long-term security they deserve.

What Employers Can Do

Job Opportunities

The best way to diversify your workforce to ensure it is inclusive for women affected by abuse to apply for vacancies within your company.


Providing access to a mentor can have a positive impact by providing guidance, advice and support for women on their employability journey.


Offering an opportunity to gain skills and experience can be a vital turning point to allow women to gain sustainable employment.

Work Experience/

Women affected by abuse may have a skills gap in their CV, by providing work experience or work placements, they get a real sense of working in your sector and gain valuable skills.


Quite often women who have suffered abuse lack the confidence and clarity to move forward. Volunteering is a great way for women to get a flavour for the working environment and slowly ease them back into the workplace.

Sector-Based Skills

There are many ways in which you can offer sector based skills, such as offering mock Interviews, providing financial or legal skills or anything else that you think would help.

Think outside the box

If there is any other opportunity within your workplace or organisation that is not listed above, please fill in the form below to discuss this further. No opportunity is too big or small and we encourage employers to get creative with their offers. We have a dedicated team who is waiting to speak to you.

Go the extra mile

If you are unable to provide employment opportunities and mentoring, don’t worry! There are still ways you can help and go the extra mile in supporting EDAC. Find out more about social value.

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Social value

If you are unable to provide employment opportunities and mentoring there are other ways you can support EDAC.
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