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Forum expert

Hours: 1-2 hours over 7 days (Mon – Sun) preferably late afternoon early evening
Salary: £10.00 per hour
Planned start date: 01/03/21

We are launching a new lifestyle/family forum aimed at women of any age, race, or religion.

We are looking for someone to join our growing team. You will have website and research skills, be familiar with the development of forum platforms, you must be able to research what’s current and trending and be able to post comments and update pages. This role is on a home working basis, training and further details will be provided to the successful candidate.

If you love commenting on forums and joining in discussions this is ideal job for you.  The forums would be about parenting, coffee chat, divorce, topical subjects to further discuss.

Initially based on 1 – 2 hour per day over 7 days. This flexible role would suit someone seeking work experience and could lead to a full-time job subject to the success of the website and the candidate.

You can work from home and be anywhere in the UK.

How to apply


Application deadline: 27/03/21

Email address: lisap@mogulprivateoffice.com

More about Mogul Love

Mogul Love Community: A portal designed so that women can join and become members, learn new things, get help and support, learn new hobbies and just a great place to go and meet new friends, have fun with lots of educational information and support.

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